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Used to harvest data, filter it, transform it into information, and then produce a storable form of that information.


There is a need for information in order to make good decisions, and the better the information, the easier it is to make good decisions. Let's take an example and try to explain the concepts in a concrete way. This may seem rather trivial but follow along and see if it helps your understanding.

The Problem

I am in one place but I need to get to another place. All I see are hills, plants, and so on, but not where I need to go. Can I somehow use the things I see to get to the place I need to go?

Harvest | Data

First, I need to collect data. If this were a problem I would need to solve multiple times, I will have a drone fly over a pattern of the area I may need to traverse, and have it take overlapping images of the terrain, or purchase them from a satellite imaging provider. These images are considered data.

Filter | Relevant Data

Next, I need to decide what data is relevant. It is pontless looking at images of the sky or the ocean, if what I plan to do is walk.

Transform | Information

Then, there would be a process of converting these images to a set of lines, shapes, categorizations, and postions of the shapes. Some or all of these settings could be gererated by software in an automated manner. If after these new data are derived and I can make use of them to better understand the terain, I would consider these new data as information.

Produce | Format

This information needs to stored in a format, location, and medium that is easily retrievable and searchable. This could be in a book, a set of cards, or electronically in a database. Using storage on cards as an example, the cards could be numbered and then an index of location names could be stored on a particular index card. This card would thus act as a directory of locations for the other cards. Just producing a set of cards may not be useful, so consideration for how these cards may be used should be given.