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Our Project Philosophy

From Go to Show

The time from go (deciding to use something) to show (displaying the demonstrable work) should be small. Additionally, the system's complexity should be scalable without requiring a restart.


A key to maximising efficiency is subassembly. It should be possible to break a complex process into smaller assemblies, known as subassemblies. These should be testable without requiring the whole complex process, so as to allow modifications of the subassemblies that don't impact one another.

Reusability and Parametrization

A modular approach allows for reusability through parametrization of a module, which allows it to be used in more places.

Sizing and Cost

You should only pay for what you use. Many great products are so complex that they can do almost anything, however when used for simple tasks there is a lot of unneeded overhead.

Our Projects

A comparison of licenses may be viewed at choosealicense.com.

Apache-MIT Dual License

All projects in this section do not require the source to be disclosed, and can use other licenses for modified files.

MPL 2.0 License

All projects in this section do require the source to be disclosed with any licensed files or modifications of those files, and must use the same license when distributing the licensed material.